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Raffles Education Corporation Limited (“Raffles Education”) is the premier education group. Since establishing its first college in Singapore in 1990, Raffles Education has grown to operate 22 colleges/universities in 20 cities across 12 countries in Asia-Pacific and Europe: Cambodia, The People’s Republic of China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and Thailand.

More than 20,000 students have enrolled in Raffles Education’s tertiary programmes and have benefited from a quality education that provides graduates with a well-rounded hands-on experience that is relevant to the industry.

This year, we are hosting our first vFair for 3 of our most prominent campuses in Asia; Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok. To find out more about these institutions, register below.

Thursday & Friday March 14th - 15th   |   10am - 10pm (Malaysia time GMT+8)

To find out more about these campuses, check out the links below

The premier university in Malaysia for Business, Design and Psychology.

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The first design institution in Singapore for Business, Design and Merchandising.

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The leading education institution in Bangkok for Business and Design.

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Raffles University IskandarMALAYSIA

Raffles University Iskandar (RUI) is one of the premier universities in Malaysia. We offer Design, Business and Psychology programmes and pride ourselves as a practice-oriented university with intensive curricula and practical hands-on experiences that prepare students for their future careers.

We are committed to providing a quality education. This is achieved by using the latest teaching and learning methodologies, action-based research, collaborating with industry, and engaging the community.

Our Courses

Fashion Design

The Bachelor of Fashion Design introduces budding fashion designers to the fundamentals and more. Students will learn how to utilize textile technology, familiarise themselves with a fashion designer’s studio and develop their fashion senses with design theories.

Interior Design

Students pursuing their Bachelor of Interior Design will be familiarised with the working life of field professionals through simulated projects and assignments. Lessons will build basics in drawing and design theories. So students will be able to create digital artwork of blueprints, floor plans, and other necessary computer-generated imagery.

Graphic Design

The course starts with a foundation period in which students will learn about design principles, drawing skills, typography, creativity, and idea development. History of Design and Graphic Design are also covered and will reflect on the students as background knowledge and inspiration for their future work.

Multimedia Design

Our bachelor programme in Multimedia Design demystifies the design process so that every student can work creatively regardless of his/her previous experience. On the practical side, RUI is proud to offer our students a new computer laboratory with the latest tools in multimedia software, including Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Business Administration

Learning at the Faculty of Business will be thorough, challenging and stimulating. Our aim is to nurture and develop students to become confident and articulate future leaders. An important feature of this business programme is the requirement of a final year project (FYP) and a professional (internship) attachment.


RUI’s Bachelor of Accountancy programme is a full-time four year degree based on all the professional and legal requirements of this profession. Students will learn all the necessary skills to develop into competent accountants such as business operations, taxation, auditing and business environment.


The Psychology programme is designed to educate students in different areas of psychology. The course begins with the fundamentals of psychology so that students develop knowledge and understanding of the concepts, theories and practices of psychology.

Supply Chain Management

This course equips students with advanced knowledge and practical skills in logistics operations and supply chain management, including shipping and terminal operations; inventory control; regulations for international operations, management techniques and best practices. With the increasing globalisation and the importance of highly-performing value chains, logistics management becomes of utmost importance in modern business.

Raffles Design Institute Singapore

Situated at the historical riverside quay of Singapore, Raffles Design Institute (RDI) is the first design institution established in 1990 by the premier education group, Raffles Education.

Now registered as Raffles College of Higher Education (in short, Raffles Singapore) with EduTrust accreditation awarded by the Committee for Private Education (Singapore), the institute delivers Bachelor and/or Master programmes in areas of Design, Business and Merchandising. Taught by Raffles’ pool of international Creative Practitioners, our students will graduate with industry-relevance knowledge and skills, and career-ready professionals.

Our Courses

Animation Design

Illustration & Animation is a practice-based course with creative, critical, reflective and technical skills developed in the studio and enhanced by pertinent academic writing. Students are actively encouraged to be imaginative, ambitious and resourceful to face the challenges of an unpredictable, demanding, globally-competitive and technologically-driven world.

Fashion Design

Fashion Design is an exciting practice-based course that encourages the application of skills, the investigation of the theory and the opportunity for critical reflection. It is a broad-based course with opportunities for students to explore a wide range of intentions within the area of Fashion in addition to event management, visual merchandising, digital fashion, jewellery and accessory design.

Fashion Marketing

This course will offer students an understanding of the different roles in the fashion industry from trend analysis and prediction, through to the design, manufacture and the retail of products, and the role of marketing to the global consumer.

Games Design

The Games Design course aims not only to develop skills relevant to distinct areas of employment but also to foster collaborative and innovative skills typical of digital entrepreneurs. To do so, the course will feature an opportunity to collaborate with technologies in order to learn about industry practices in a simulated games studio environment.

Interior Design

Interior Design explores the human scale and relationship in the continuously changing context of spatial environments. Students learn to develop and design the right contexts and identities of these spatial environments in the different areas of SMLXL and integrate their own identity which will reflect their choice of design solutions.

Digital Media Design

This practice-based course will prepare students for professional careers in the digital media sector within the media, design and communications industries. It takes a transmedia or cross-media approach: enabling students to become familiar with a range of critical and creative media tools and technologies to inform their practice and understanding.

Jewellery Design

This exciting practice-based course encourages the application of skills, the investigation of theory and the opportunity for critical reflection. Over recent years the accessories market has exploded globally, from couture and designers right down to the high street market, and the fashion industry has seen the potential to build sales by adding accessories to the mix.

Product Design

The Product Design courses aim specifically to equip students with the knowledge, skills and understanding, as well as the contacts and networking experience, to establish themselves as design professionals. Through strong industry links and professionally relevant projects, briefs and simulated working practices, these courses will offer students the best possible advantages for fostering a career in the product design industries.

Design Management

Managing creatives and the creative process in collaboration with other functional teams requires a broad skill set, including technical know-how and leadership characteristics. This course will involve a mix of creative design, management and leadership processes to equip you with the skills and expertise to lead the effective creative design of commercial value within industrial, retail or service sectors.

Raffles International College BanGkok

Raffles Bangkok is a part of the Raffles Education Corporation, one of the leading educational institutes in the Asia Pacific since 1990. As a Premier Education Provider, we are committed to nurturing entrepreneurial and innovative talent in the field of design & business.

Our Courses


Fashion Design gives students the creative and technical knowledge and skills they need to become professionals in the fashion industry. Using an integrated approach that combines creativity and applied technical proficiency, it takes students from design concepts and processes through to final production .


The course exposes students to countless opportunities in the fashion industry. It is tailored to blend creative fashion knowledge with business, marketing and contextual studies. Students learn about buying and merchandising practices as well as conceptualising and developing effective brand management strategies to execute advertising and promotional activities.


It encompasses the study of both Interior Architecture and Design within the built environment while focusing on the human interface within given spaces. The emphasis is placed on space planning, creative problem-solving, communication skills, knowledge of building materials, construction, computer-aided drafting and the history of design.


The course gives students the creative and technical knowledge and skills they need to become professionals in the product design industry. The emphasis is placed on conceptual investigation, critical thinking and a hands-on approach towards technological skills, manufacturing skills, and design management.


Through major practical projects combining creativity, concepts and computer software skills, students hone their capabilities in devising creative solutions. This course will provide the skill sets required for an array of careers including Creative Director, Web Designer and Packaging Director.


Digital Media Design first equips students with fundamental, broad-based skills in graphic design. Following that, students learn to transform 2D graphics into 3D by creating dynamic interfaces and integrating programming capabilities.


To develop knowledge and skills in marketing research and planning, analyzing and interpreting financial statements, managing the human resource. The ability to perform statistical analysis and interpretation for business situations, apply marketing and operation management techniques.


This course provides students with critical entrepreneurship and innovation concepts and principles so that they can facilitate, lead and implement entrepreneurial projects and run a small business operation.


This specialisation will ensure that graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet challenges in the ever-changing local and global marketing environments.


The course enables students to gain an in-depth understanding of the tourism and hospitality industry. They are provided with broad-based training on the industry’s multiple facets.


The course focuses on producing professionals capable of applying social and ethical responsibilities, analytical skills, competitiveness and entrepreneurship in business.


This course is a professionally-oriented programs to develop advanced skills in business for students who already have some practical business experience.